Ministry in the
 Evangelical Christian Church

The Evangelical Christian Church ministerial credentials enables the local church and a fellowship to affirm the Christian character, testimony, and spiritual maturity of its clergy, and to extend authority to those who minister in the exercising of servant leadership within the Evangelical Christian Churches.  Ministerial credentials affirms the presence of spiritual qualities of leadership as found in the New Testament pattern of the church. This spiritual covering extends legal status in the exercise of  a person's ministry which marks the completion of preliminary and preparatory steps for a person and a progression. 
The Evangelical Christian Church considers ordination to be a very serious ordinance. If the applicant is an ordained minister, then a copy or other proof of ordination must accompany the application during the time of interview. If the candidate is not ordained from a recognized denomination and is seeking ordination, the main requirements that the Credentials Standing Committee will be looking for will be found in the areas of Christian maturity, experience in ministry, and Biblical training and qualification, preferably but not mandatory, to degree level. The candidate must meet all the requirements of the Evangelical Christian Church England which will be forwarded on application. This can only be determined at the time of the initial interview with the candidate. Only credentials obtained through a recognized organization or denomination will be considered for transfer. All documents must be submitted to the Ministerial Examination Committee.
Candidates for ordination will be also be considered upon Christian maturity and experience and can show that their past and present activities, learning and training has qualified them for this important status.   We are not an internet ordination provider and will not accept any person as an ordinand under training unless he or she meets the requirements for consideration to start the process. The Credentials Committee have a rigid policy which is adhered to and is equal to that of other main denominational churches. This website is purely the means by which a person seeking ordination can access our ecclesiastic body and start the slow walk with Christ to take up leadership in His church where he or she will have further access to our facilities, training and supervising Bishops for support and covering. Please see our Links for preferred University or College Christian certification training.
Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers.  So if you feel that you are being called by God to take up ministry within His Church, please make contact as shown on "how to contact us" page. We can help, support and direct you through the ordination process.